The very best of Sicilian and Italian food in central London

Luce e Limoni Sicilian Restaurant

Luce e Limoni Sicilian restaurant in Clerkenwell, central London, offers a culinary journey that transports you straight to the sun-kissed shores of Sicily.

Stepping through our door, you’ll immediately feel the warmth and charm of authentic Italian hospitality, thanks to owner Fabrizio and his friendly team.

Fabrizio’s passion for cooking began at the tender age of 13 in Sicily. Growing up surrounded by the rich traditions of Sicilian cuisine, he honed his skills in his homeland, before heading for the UK as a professional chef. Fabrizio’s dedication to preserving the authentic flavours of Sicily is evident in every dish he creates right here at his popular Sicilian Italian restaurant in London.

From the moment you enter Luce e Limoni, you’ll be greeted with a warm smile and a heartfelt welcome. Fabrizio’s commitment to providing a genuine Sicilian dining experience goes beyond the food; it’s about creating an atmosphere where guests feel like family. Whether you’re here for a business lunch, an intimate dinner or a family celebration, this most lovely of Sicilian Italian restaurants in central London offers the perfect setting for any occasion.

Our menu is a celebration of the diverse culinary heritage of Sicily and the Italian mainland, featuring an array of traditional dishes made with the freshest ingredients. Delight in wonderful starters such as grilled stuffed squid, cured Lonza pork or broad bean soup; homemade pasta dishes; and delicious meat and fish main courses. Each dish is prepared with a dedication to authenticity, bringing the true taste of Sicily to your table. And you simply must pair your meal with something from our outstanding wine list, which showcases the best of Sicily, mainland Italy and Sardinia. Our knowledgeable staff are always on hand to recommend the perfect pairing, ensuring a dining experience that tantalises all the senses.

Open for both lunch and dinner, our restaurant is a versatile venue catering to a variety of dining needs. Business professionals and office workers can enjoy a relaxed yet sophisticated environment for lunch, where our efficient service ensures you can make the most of your lunch break. In the evening, the restaurant transforms into an intimate space perfect for romantic dinners or lively family gatherings. Special occasions are made memorable with our attentive service and delectable cuisine.

So if you’re browsing Italian restaurants in central London, join us at our Sicilian restaurant in Clerkenwell, and let Fabrizio and his team take you on a culinary adventure through his homeland. Whether it’s the first bite of a perfectly cooked pasta dish or the last sip of an exquisite Sicilian wine, every moment spent in our restaurant is a testament to the enduring allure of authentic Italian cuisine. Book your table today and experience the heart and soul of Sicily, right here in the heart of London.

You’ll find us at 91-93 Gray’s Inn Road, Chancery Lane, London WC1X 8TX
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